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Frequently Asked Questions

About members

Q. Do I have to register as a member?

You can use it even if you do not become a member.If you use coupon code, membership is required.

Inquiries before rent,Usage, setting,etc.

Q. Is there communication restriction?

When the totals of data capacity become more than 10GB in latest three days until the day before,
It may limit transmission rate in network rush hour (18:00 to 2:00, the following day) of the next day.

Q. Can I cancel my order?

Yes, it is possible if you cancel before your order is shipped. Cancellation fees will not incur in this case.
Typically, we will ship 4-7 days before the delivery date. Please contact us before the device is shipped. It will NOT be possible to cancel after your shipment has left. Thank you for your understanding.
(For example:Pick-up Date is 30th Dec. Cancellation free if there is a mail by 10 AM on December 26.) After shipping products we can’t cancel.
Even with return in the shortest, please pay the full amount of the rental period's fee at the time of application.

About Rates

Q. Aside from the rental fee what else do I need to pay?

Customers will have to pay for delively 800JPY(excluding tax).
Data communication fee is already included your rental fee.


Q. Can you delivery it to a hotel or my friend's home?

Yes, we can,please ask to the concierge at the hotel reception in advance.
If you pick-up wifi router at friend's home,
Simply enter your friend's name alongside their address on the order form,and enter your name as the recipient.

Q. I live overseas, but can I receive Mobile Wi-fi router?

Sorry no we can't. We will only ship within Japan.

Q. Is there anything I should be careful of, for airport pickup?

Your identification will be verified with your passport at the counter.
*The recipient name must match the name on your passport.
Please make sure that you enter your name when ordering, exactly as it appears in your passport.

Q. I wanna know Details of Pickup places in Airport.

See datails"List of airport counter" →https://tokyo-speed-wifi.jp/place.html/language/en

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Details of pickup place in airport will be notified by order confirmation email too.


Q. I am returning the device earlier than the date I originally booked. Can I get the refund for the difference?

You can return the device but there will be no refund. Please check the usage period in advance before you make your order.

Q. Can I extend my rental period?

Yes, you can apply. please send it by e-mail. Before extend your rental period.
E-mail address is info@tokyo-speed-wifi.jp (Your name and desired rental end date is required.)
Extension fee [1600 yen / day (excluding tax) ] will be charged if there is no E-mail to us. Late charges will be applied if you do not post the return envelope on the return date. We will check the post mark on the envelope as well as the data usage history.]
Please extend the rental period in advance to avoid the charges. ※The extension fee will be automatically charged to the credit card.


Q. I lost the letter pack envelope (Return envelope). What should I do?
When you forgot to post the return package in Japan.

①Please purchase "return envelope (letter pack light)" at your nearest post office or convenience store (LOWSON is better). The destination is as follows.

【Our Office Address】
F.O.P.inc(Tokyo Speed Wifi)
1-1-11-Meguro toyo bldg.7F
 Shimomeguro Meguroku, Tokyo
(Zip/Postal Code:)〒153-0064
※※this address is for using returning the rental terminal.
Track and trace service is available by using the number shown on the sticker.
Be sure to let us know the number by E-mail before posting.

②If you can not get a letter pack envelope.
Please send by courier at convenience store.(Lawson etc.)
Be sure to let us know the Track and trace service number by E-mail.
※Whichever courier you use is fine.(SAGAWA,KURONEKO YAMATO, Japan Post's delivery service)
※Returning by ordinary mail can not track luggage, please refrain because there is a risk of losing rental equipment.
※Please be aware that you are responsible for the shipping cost.
※If you lose any or all of the WiFi equipment, you will be charged a replacement fee.

When you forgot to post the return package in Japan.
Please send it back to Our Office.We recommend you use a service that provides a tracking number such as EMS.
Also, please note that we count the days that take for shipping as part of the "rental period".
Please send email to us immediately.
*Extension fee [1600 JPY / day (excluding tax) ] will be charged if there is no e-mail.

Q. I dropped Wi-Fi device and complete damage it. or I lost the Wi-Fi router. What should I do?

In case of complete damage of the Wi-Fi device, we will charge as follows:

The device(Wi-Fi router W04): 48,000JPY(excluding tax), The device(Poketalk): 24,800JPY(excluding tax),
Mobile Charger: 10,000JPY(excluding tax), AC Adapter: 3,000JPY(excluding tax),
USB Cable: 3,000JPY(excluding tax), Bag: 1,000JPY(excluding tax).

If you purchased Premium insurance, we will charge as follows:

The device(Wi-Fi router W04): 9,800JPY(excluding tax), The device(Poketalk): 9,800JPY(excluding tax).
See datails"Insurance Plan" →https://tokyo-speed-wifi.jp/option.html

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NOTE:If the WiFi Equipment is lost or stolen, the Signer must obtain a certificate thereof from the nearest Japanese Police Department or other public institution, and said certificate must be submitted to the Company.


Q. How do I use coupon?

During your check-out where you confirm the total of your order, there is a coupon field.
Enter your coupon code and press ""apply"" to use your coupon.If you use coupon code, membership is required.

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