Advantages - Tokyo Speed Wi-Fi - Pocket Wifi Rental
Advantages of Tokyo Speed Wifi
Advantages of Tokyo Speed Wifi

The reason you need portable wifi router. It is really difficult to find free WiFi in Japan. Most Wi-Fi services offered free of charge in Japan are only available on the condition that an agreement is signed for mobile phones or other services. Wi-Fi services offered to visiting foreigners at no cost comprise only 10%. (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, April 2015) Comprehensive comparison of the 4 ways to connect to the Internet in Japan.

Communication method①  Mobile WiFi Router rental

Multiple smartphones and PCs can be connected at the same time! Up to 5 smartphones and/or computers can be connected simutaneously to one device. Perfect for groups!
Fast speed, no stress.
Unlimited data communication.(Note:communication speed restrictions) Low price! No extra charge such as transaction fee.Completely flat rate!
Connect to the Internet anywhere With the Wi-Fi routers, you can access to the Internet almost anywhere in Japan. No need to look for the Wi-Fi spots anymore.
It is confortable.Easily share data with your family and friends
Most portable Wi-Fi routers are also equipped with WPA (Wireless Protected Access) and WPA-2 encryption which enhances security when accessing the Internet.

Communication method②  Moblile phone company roaming

It is convenient because you do not need to replace your SIM card or carry a WiFi router with you, but it’s very expensive.
You must be careful not to connect with the wrong telecommunications carrier or you will be billed with a hefty fee.
Also, in many cases, transmission rates in high traffic areas slow down so much that you can’t use the internet at all.

Communication method③  Data Prepeid SIM card

It cannot provide sufficient speed.
Hard to set-up.
For prepaid SIM cards, 1 GB will run you about 3,000 yen.
So it is not cheep.

Communication method④  free Wifi spot

In Japan, there are almost no free Wifi environments.Although free Wifi can be used in Japan.
Speed is not good.
This necessary registration is very difficult for a foreigner.
Moreover, we cannot rely on the security of these environments. A visitor's ID and password can be stolen and unexpected damages can occur.
That's why it's free

Renting a Portable Wifi Router in Japan: The Best Options!!
If you’re wondering how best to stay connected while you’re traveling around Japan,
a Portable wifi router might be the solution.
Easier to set up than SIM cards,
especially useful if you have multiple devices Renting a wifi router in Japan is the best way to get connected.